STAIL Hidayatullah Surabaya Kampusku

STAIL Hidayatullah Surabaya Kampusku Alhamdulillah finally I would like to associate all too intentions of the heart to write my college existence during these couple of years I was studying. High School Luqman al-Hakim (STAIL) Hidayatullah Jakarta, the structure under the Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School Foundation (PPH) Surabaya. Street address at the White Pond VI Kejawan surabaya east. If you see this lodge is actually a branch because it is not possible practically Hidayatullah surabaya center, because there Hidayatullah center in East Kalimantan Balikpapan.
Hidayatullah STAIL Surabaya campus.
But somehow never seem governing body said the Surabaya PPH is a branch or twig Hidayatullah, it is a question for me, which I
know maybe because it was legally registered without a branch. hhhhhmmmm possible,,
I think a lot of things here that menbuat anamun bannyak also my heart is sad Namu it all as learning for life in the world and also in the hereafter for those who have such confidence in me anyway. Hidayatullah STAIL Surabaya campus.

there are a few different things and are the hallmark of my campus are:

STAIL Hidayatullah Surabaya Kampusku Prayer is the Main, on the campus of Hidayatullah is preferred to prayer 5 times even from the board to give the policy that those who do not perform their prayers in mosques five times without any reason syar'i (rational) it will be subject to sanctions, up to now it is still in effect co- all, even for guests. But koks construction workers when neighbors call to prayer echoed ngecor yes, I wonder. Hidayatullah STAIL Surabaya campus.
Smoking is prohibited, to be sure these items are prohibited to be here especially the students who smoked mahsiswa even openly, because Hidayatullah himself who agreed that smoking is haram because so many negative things is not here this smoke diperkenankansiapapun I do not know how the mechanism for construction workers (another builder). Hidayatullah STAIL hehehhee Surabaya campus.
Islamic atmosphere, because this is a campus that implements basic guidelines of the Qur'an and Sunnah is to be emphasized that the campus atmosphere around the beings who are in college is implementing Islamic culture such as clothing in accordance with Islamic Shari'ah, the association of women who do not miss, islamic also social activities of children in accordance with existing regulations. including when playing football or badminton shorts are prohibited from using kentat like in the movies so, unless the child is young cleric's okay, too, especially students in the room do not use clothes, please dress used as kwatir tomcak still hanging around campus. Hidayatullah STAIL Surabaya campus.
Scientific climate, because this is a campus where education of the lower level to higher education are of formal and informal, nonformal also undergo activity here these days so here are always trying to set up climate science so that science is always embedded that it demanded from the womb to the grave later , STAIL itself had several years of applying for all students to use the Arabic and English in everyday dialogue in order to hone the language so that Traffic would like to continue their education abroad no longer awkward with the two international languages. Hidayatullah STAIL Surabaya campus.
Salam culture, a special feature for boarding hidaytullah is say hi when you meet fellow believers, and has been applied in this cottage, but for some cases because of pride remaining in the liver becomes reluctant to say hello, there are also elementary students, or junior high school who are not familiar with sister-class feel free to say hello, and vice versa mahsiswanya brother did the same thing. Hidayatullah STAIL Surabaya campus.
Campus of the Islamic civilization, to kedepanya dibenah campus continues to achieve the goal of being the campus Islamic civilization, but for now it remains as a miniature peradabai Islam, expected future truly Islamic civilization campus systems that implement the rules of islam. Hidayatullah STAIL Surabaya campus.
That all co-brief glimpse of the graffiti STAIL Hidayatullah Surabaya campus. in fact many still to be written, but other times only because it going for a walk once, not bad for a refreshing and friendship STAIL Hidayatullah Surabaya Kampusku

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